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The Dallas-Fort Worth Area's Top Fencing Contractors

Welcome to 3:16 Fences & Exteriors – your local experts for all things outside your home in DFW. We're here to make your dream of a perfect-looking home come true. We're super dedicated to quality and making sure your home looks and works exactly how you want it to, inside and out. Whether you want your home to look great or be more functional, we've got you covered. We pay attention to every little detail to make sure you're happy with the results. So, if you want your home to look amazing, get in touch with us at 3:16 Fences & Exteriors today!

Fence Installation & Repair Services

At 3:16 Fences & Exteriors, we recognize that homeowners are in search of more than just a fence; they crave a distinctive statement for their property. With a wide array of materials, including the timeless charm of wood and the modern beauty of composites, we deliver both style and durability to transform your vision into reality.

Material Choices To Match Any Style

Whether you're drawn to the timeless appeal of classic wood or the enduring elegance of contemporary composites, 3:16 Fences & Exteriors has the perfect solution for you. Our diverse selection of materials ensures not only durability but also an aesthetic that perfectly complements your unique style and vision.

Thoughtful Design & Installation

At 3:16 Fences & Exteriors, we understand that every property has its own unique narrative, and we're dedicated to enhancing it. Our team works closely with you to create custom designs that enhance the charm and character of your home. With our precise installation process, your fence becomes more than just a boundary - it becomes a powerful statement that adds to the overall beauty and allure of your property.

Maintenance and upkeep

At 3:16 Fences & Exteriors, we understand that the key to a durable fence is consistent upkeep. Our maintenance services go beyond just fixing minor wear and tear; we ensure the structural integrity of your fence, keeping it looking and functioning like new for years to come. Trust us to provide the care and attention your fence needs to stand the test of time.

Fencing Services

Welcome to 3:16 Fences & Exteriors – your local experts for all your home's exterior needs in DFW. We're committed to making your dream home a reality with top-notch quality and attention to detail. Whether you're aiming for a stunning appearance or enhanced functionality, we've got you covered. Contact us today and let's make your home look amazing together!

Local Dallas-Fort Worth Roof Replacement & Repair Services

As a premier roofing contractor in the DFW area, our expertise extends through our sister company, 3:16 Roofing and Construction. We specialize in personalized solutions designed for roofs of all sizes and types, ensuring optimal performance and longevity. Our detailed consultations provide homeowners with clear insights into replacement costs based on roofing square and pitch, empowering them to make informed decisions that can lead to long-term savings. Additionally, choosing the right services can potentially result in reduced homeowners insurance premiums, further maximizing financial benefits. Trust us to deliver exceptional roofing solutions tailored to your specific needs and budget.

Full Roof Replacement

When quick fixes fall short, turn to our expert team for a complete roof transformation. Employing top-tier materials and masterful craftsmanship, we deliver roofs that not only protect but also captivate with their durability and elegance.

Reliable Roof Repairs

Navigating Texas's ever-changing weather is a breeze with our dependable repair solutions. From elusive leaks to wind-induced wear, we fortify your roof for enduring resilience. Count on us for consistent reliability and peace of mind, no matter the forecast.

Elevate your roofing experience with 3:16 Roofing & Construction's premier maintenance services. Our proactive approach ensures your roof remains in peak condition year-round, standing strong against the elements. Invest in peace of mind and longevity for your home with our expert care and attention to detail.

Premier Roof Maintenance 

Roofing Services Commercial and Residential

3:16 Fencing & Exteriors Gutter Installation Service

Discover the difference that professionally crafted gutters can make for your home's exterior with our specialized services. At 3:16 Fencing & Exteriors Gutter Installation Services, we excel in designing the ideal gutter run to efficiently channel water away from your property. Our expertise goes beyond installation – we prioritize gutter cleaning to prolong the lifespan of your gutters and downspouts, safeguarding your home for years to come. Trust us to enhance both the functionality and aesthetics of your home's exterior.

Customized Solutions

At 3:16 Fencing & Exteriors Gutter Services, we understand that every home is unique, requiring a tailored gutter solution. Our expert team specializes in crafting customized approaches that seamlessly blend with your home's architecture, delivering efficient drainage while enhancing its aesthetic appeal. Trust us to provide gutter solutions that perfectly complement your home's individual style and needs.

Long- Lasting Materials

Unlock the narrative of your property with our personalized touch. Our team collaborates closely with you to craft fence designs that elevate your home's charm and character. Through meticulous installation, we transform your fence from a mere boundary into a striking statement, adding value and distinction to your property.

Gutters and exterior services

Expert Residential Painting Services

Transform your space with the power of color. Our painting services offer premium paints to create warm, inviting interiors and vibrant, enduring exteriors. Experience aesthetics that not only last but also resonate with your style and personality.

Tailored Exterior Solutions

Make a lasting first impression with our expert exterior painting services. We're dedicated to revitalizing your home's facade with solutions that elevate its curb appeal. Our team selects premium paints built to withstand Texas's harsh sun and rain, ensuring your home maintains its radiant charm year-round.

Pre-Painting Preparation

we understand that achieving painting perfection begins long before the brush touches the wall. Our meticulous pre-painting regimen includes thorough cleaning, precise sanding, and expert priming, laying the foundation for a flawless application. Trust our detailed groundwork to guarantee longevity and vibrancy in every brushstroke, ensuring your home's exterior remains stunning for years to come.

Color Consultation & Selection

Investing in proactive care can prevent costly future expenses. Our scheduled roof check-ups enable us to detect and address potential issues early, preserving the peak condition of your roof and saving you money in the long run. Trust our expertise to keep your roof in optimal shape and your wallet happy.

Beautiful exterior services

Schedule your service today and protect your investment for tomorrow!

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